Lies and propaganda: Romania and Schengen ⋆

On Thursday, Austria rejected the accession of Romania and Bulgaria to the Schengen area by veto, citing the issue of almost 100,00 illegal migrants on its territory. The Austrian Prime Minister and the Minister of the Interior claimed that these migrants entered their country via the Balkan route, including through Bulgaria and Romania. The Bucharest government attempted to prove, citing official data provided by Union institutions, that the number of migrants from Romania is insignificant, below 2%, and that migrants are a false argument, a lie, at least in the case of Romania.

A blatant lie, a sinister exaggeration? Very possible. But the hundred thousand migrants from Austria represent an indisputable truth. They are there, and somehow they have arrived in such large numbers in a small country like Austria that they have become a big political problem, especially in the run-up to elections. An additional reason for Vienna to insistently ask Brussels for a set of measures to reform the Schengen surveillance system and, above all, a fair distribution of migrants in other member states.

Only two days ago, at the very last moment, under the infernal pressure of Vienna, Brussels hastened to adopt the plan requested by Austria to combat illegal migration on the Western Balkans route. Hungary, with a virulent anti-migrant policy, turns them in to its Austrian neighbors without many scruples, as it catches them. I wouldn’t bet on Romania either, if we look at the mass corruption in customs in the west of the country, at the migrant trafficking files taken to Austria with the complicity of some politically parachuted customs chiefs, files orchestrated by DIICOT and sent to judgment.

As much as Austrian Prime Minister Karl Nehammer might be demonized in Romania,

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