Remote jobs 25% up in Romania this year ⋆

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Remote jobs remain at the top of Romanian preferences, as searches this year for this category of openings proved to be 25% up from 2021, accounting for 13.1 percent of the total, demonstrated a survey conducted by online recruitment platform eJobs.

According to the survey, almost 8.5 million job searches have been recorded on since the beginning of the year. With an average of 35,000 new jobs posted each month, 2022 was the best year for the labor market from this point of view, while the number of job applications has reached around 10 million so far, the cited source states.

Engineer positions are the most searched for jobs, with 58,000 searches on the site, with the positions of construction engineer, mechanical engineer and installation engineer topping this category.

Accountant openings are on the second spot in the ranking, with 39,000 searches on, followed by drivers with more than 33,000 queries by job seekers.

Data provided by eJobs salary comparator Salario shows that the average net monthly salary for engineers is 4,500 RON, followed by accountants with 3,900 RON, and transport/distribution workers with 3,500 RON. Over 10,000 job openings were posted this year in these activity sectors, most of which were for drivers (48,000), followed by engineers (28,000) and accountants (25,000).

Other openings that generated over 10,000 searches were those of manager, economist or human resource specialist. The openings have keywords attached that indicate interest in certain fields, such as: human resources, call center or sales.

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